“The truth is I have to create music. It’s stronger than me. I hope you enjoy my songs and through them you journey deep in the boat of your soul.”


ANA BARROSO launched her debut EP “Primeira Página” in 2012 and in late 2014 released the album “Diário” with the collaboration of the renowned musicians José Peixoto, Carlos Barreto, Bernardo Couto and Vicky Marques.

Since an early age, Ana Barroso lived immersed in a musical environment. The whole family made and composed music, in a house where sounds from all around the world could be heard and that was regularly visited by Carlos Paredes, Fernando Lopes Graça, Natalia Correia, among many other influential Portuguese musicians and poets.

Ana Barroso initiated her piano studies at the age of 8, at the Academia de Música de Santa Cecília.

From that moment on, music was definitely in her life as a singer and composer. Nonetheless, as an adult, she trailed another professional direction, until a turning point in 2012, when she decided to devote herself to her first love: music.

The artist composes almost all of her songs, according to her perception of the world. They are, therefore, intimate and personal themes with universal stories with which any person can relate.

Her musical universe has markedly Portuguese roots, with echoes of world and classical music.